Foglifter: Positioning for the National Stage


Foglifter is a LGBTQ literary journal based in San Francisco that celebrates many different voices while affirming the shared humanity of all LGBTQ people. The initial request was for help with a website redesign.






Foglifter needed a website redesign that would speak to, and serve, its emerging national LGBTQ audience.


The team generated a new understanding of the Foglifter brand and style. This set the stage for the creation of step-by-step guide for working with a website developer to generate a website that serves a national audience.



Research Strategy


Be equally responsive to the business needs and context of the LGBTQ community it serves.

Focus on increasing Build Foglifter’s reach on the national stage.




Competitive analysis

Heuristic evaluation

Stakeholder interviews

Review existing analytics

User survey

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 1.52.32 PM.png

Key Insight

Stakeholders have divergent views about Foglifter’s audience.




Stakeholder workshop

Mood boards

Persona development


The Stakeholder Workshop Got Participants

Up, Moving Around, and Sharing Ideas in New Ways


Stakeholders Used the Mood Boards to Begin Defining Foglifter’s Audience


Key Insight

Stakeholders were more concerned about generating activity on social media than increasing journal sales.


An MVP Began to Take Shape


Key Insight

Usability is the priority.





User testing


Foglifter Chose From Two Prototypes




Brand and style guide

SEO keyword list and content guide

User personas

Annotated wireframes

Visual design and web dev. guidelines

Organizational development strategy


Key Insights

To be effective on the national stage Foglifter must be internally aligned about why, how, and what it does. All stakeholders need to internalize this vision and clearly message this to it’s audience.


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